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the 89 story & YOU!

Can you believe we were dragged here by a woman? Yup that’s the truth! It took years to convince us to come to the desert but, when we finally did, Sedona opened her arms and seduced us with her charms! We saw so much opportunity to grow and give back in this community that we decided we didn’t just want to move here, we wanted to share our visions and passion.

Join Us for the Grand Re-Opening of Steakhouse89
Rendering of BAR89

We were about to buy another building when we passed the old Barking Frog. There was something about it that drew us in. We didn’t know at the time that the place has so much history as a restaurant and a night club before that but it had great energy and we wanted to add ours to it. We found the owner and convinced him to sell it to us!

We opened Steakhouse 89 in time to fulfill an obligation to The Sedona International Film Festival as the host of the closing party! There was no way we would have missed that opportunity and since February we have been tweaking and adjusting as we go based on the feedback of our patrons.

Now we are ready to bring our larger vision to fruition and to give back to our community starting with our remodel! So many of you have been in our gorgeous building before and when we are done you will not recognize it! The beautiful bones will remain the same as we transition the familiar southwest style of the bar into a warm, modern and elegant space with an urban feel.

You will be able to make yourself at home and receive VIP treatment while you sip a drink, enjoy delicious food and listen to great music.

The owners are usually in house and are happy to engage in conversation and hear all of your feedback. We hope to create a place where that you will want to come back to again and again.

Come see these changes revealed at the Grand Re-Opening Party Thursday August 16 th 7-9pm. Where 2/3 of the of the sales will be going to The Sedona International Film Festival and to 89 Flags on 89A. Building and strengthening community is our mission!

We will be sharing relevant updates, events as well as exclusive invitations with you and look forward to serving you at Steakhouse 89 and beyond.

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